James Watson – Glamour Photographer

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James Watson – @GlamourTeaJames

The talented James Watson aka @GlamourTeaJames – is so called because tea keeps him functioning on a shoot. He likes to call himself a London based hobbyist photographer. He’s passionately clinging onto the dying glamour industry.

In his day to day life this mild mannered super-hero is a professional engineer, however this gigawatt fuelled photographer is also a huge life long Page 3 fan. James, like many of us, regards Page 3 as a fine British institution, one that his work is centred around and inspired by. His impeccable glamour stylings are designed to recognise, celebrate and advance the plight of female beauty as a positive cause for good in the world.

Miss Wet And Wild - Lycia Sharyl - #WetTShirt
@LyciaSharyl by @GlamourTeaJames

There are enough things for us all to be worried and anxious about without getting caught up in the awful rising tide of beauty hating and sex shaming. It’s almost being seen as a crime to even acknowledge a beautiful woman in case someone will be offended by the flawed assumption that recognising beauty is in some way objectifying or reducing a woman to purely that- a 2D object of desire. This is pure nonsense and entirely misplaced hatred masquerading as feminism.

The Page 3 Tripple@MissWetAndWild#WetTShirt

I am a true feminist and feminism in its purest form is the belief that men and women deserve equal treatment; equal opportunity; equal respect but above all that women have the right to chose what they wish to do with their bodies. Because I make pictures of beautiful ladies, sometimes undressed, looking amazing and inspiration-ally gorgeous, other, often militant, women think they can censure this and accuse me of reducing the models to *just* objects of beauty. Of course this is neither liberal nor feminist – in fact quite the opposite. Because a woman looks attractive to men, and indeed other women, and she is happy in her body and recognises her beauty and sensuality and displays it proudly, society assumes that is the measure of her worth?? Garbage! This is just one aspect, a physical, visual aspect, of her creativity, passion, bodily composition, talent, personality and value. One aspect. In addition to looking amazing what other rich and varied things can she / does she do? I’ve photographed singers, actors, business owners, house refurbers, property developers, caterers, wives, girlfriends, mothers, shop owners, lawyers, students, clothing designers, stylists, charity fundraisers and much, much more! These beautiful models are talented and diverse individuals like their fans and supporters. Don’t judge them for undressing for my lens, celebrate their beauty! Admire it, be inspired by it, embrace it. I’m delighted to be recognised by Miss Wet & Wild and I fully support their philosophy and vision. I’m hoping to be able to contribute some exciting wet t shirt themed pictures and perhaps some multi model shoots in the near future. I’m honoured to be endorsed by the brand. Keep up the good work and keep celebrating female beauty.

The Page 3 Tripple
by @GlamourTeaJames

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Please feel free to take a good look at these photo galleries of just some of James’s “Wet T Shirt” collections taken with some amazingly beautiful and iconic Page 3 models…

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