Miss Wet And Wild – Babe Watch Photoshoot

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The ever popular Lou Lou Gracie slipped her Baywatch swimsuit donned an official Miss Wet And Wild Cap and proceeded to get hotter and hotter and topless!

Screaming hot model and cam girl wanted to be dressed for the sea-side even if she couldn’t be there, knocking back a cold one. Once she had her distinctive and easily recognisable and figure hugging costume on she began to take selfie after selfie. She couldn’t resist taking picture after picture as she pulled down on the neckline of her outfit. She began slowly slipping out of her red one piece costume. First dropping her left shoulder strap coyly and then gradually her right. She cupped each of her boobs within her costume at first but then slowly and confidently exposed each of her perfectly formed boobs for some super hot topless shots. If her camera could have a pulse it what have jammed it’s telephoto lens and had a heart attack there and then…

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Miss Wet And Wild – Babe Watch selfie shoot – CLICK