National Wet T Shirt Day

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National Wet T Shirt Day 24th May is a yearly event we organise to celebrate the great tradition of squeezing into a sexy White T Shirt and getting it really really wet.

So what is National Wet T Shirt Day all about?

May 24th every year is National Wet T Shirt Day, not just here in the UK, but globally. It was set-up and started a couple of years ago by Miss Wet And Wild – The UK’s only Wet T Shirt competition organisers and hosts.

For years now girls have been throwing on a Wet T Shirt or Wet Vest Top and entering Wet T Shirt Competitions all over the world. So as the UK’s only organisers of official Wet T Shirt events, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that this iconic #AquaErotic tradition gets celebrated and enjoyed by as may people as possible.

The next National Wet T Shirt Day is on May 24th 2021 and we along with an invited group of like-minded and appreciative Wet T Shirt fans, have come together as a group of organisers and judges to bring you National Wet T Shirt Day 2021.

It’s one of the very few that are accepted on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. They are all happy and OK with Wet T Shirt pictures, so long as your nipples are covered, it’s OK.

There are two main parts to National Wet T Shirt Day…

Part One

The first part is the bit where regardless of who you are or where you come from in the world, you at some point squeeze yourself into a White T Shirt and get wet. for the benefit of all your online fans and followers. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an experienced model or a cam girl, young or old. Literally everyone is invited to have a bit of fun in a Wet T Shirt. It’s an online Aqua Erotic Celebration and a chance to flash in a social media friendly way.

Part 2

Now this is the really exciting bit. There will be an online Wet T Shirt Competition, where you can enter yourself into the only UK based National Competition. There are certain conditions that need to be met to enter. Anyone entering must do prior to the day itself (May 24th). You will need to submit a combination of no less 4 photos of yourself wearing a wet National Wet T Shirt Day T Shirt. However 3 photos and one 30 seconds plus Wet T Shirt video is an alternative. again, wearing an official National Wet T Shirt Day T Shirt. The official T Shirts will be made available to buy via a dedicated online merchandise shop. It is essential that all entrants are seen wearing an official National Wet T Shirt Day top in their submitted pictures and any video to be considered to win one of the Prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd). More details will be made public via our monthly Newsletter. You can subscribe to it at the bottom of this page.

Official National Wet T Shirt Day T Shirts

The official T Shirts will be made available to buy in the near future and we are looking at two designs. One being a traditional, stretch to fit crop-top and the other, for the more daring amongst you, will be a super-short crop-top, that will reveal an ample amount of under-boob.

If you’ve not tried squeezing into a Wet T Shirt yet, you should. It’s a fun, liberating way of expressing yourself. The tradition of squeezing into T Shirt and getting wet really took off in the late 70’s and 80’s. The sight of a beautiful woman in a Wet White T shirt is enough to get any mans pulse racing and it’s easy to see why it became such an iconic past-time. It opened up an aqua-erotic door to everyone and became an acceptable and popular fetish. A fetish that many girls have emulated on holiday in Wet T Shirt Competitions! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional model, cam girl or a quiet unassuming girl next door, it’s an exhibitionist experience that every girl wants to give a go at some point.

The first National Wet T Shirt Day we organise in 2019 got an amazing response to it, with interest coming from not just the UK, but Australia, America, Spain, France and Yugoslavia as well.

So in readiness for the next National Wet T Shirt Day in 2021, we have assembled an Industry lead committee. All of which are actively working together. Some of these industry professionals, fans and promoters will all make up the judging panel for the day’s competition. We will be formulating a series of promotions and events leading up to the big day on and will bring you more details via our Newsletter Subscription below.

If you are a budding and keen Amateur Model, Selfie Queen, Cam Model, Glamour Influencer or Professional Model and would like be kept up to date with future details about National Wet T Day & The Competition, please fill in the form below…

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