Miss Wet And Wild - Lycia Sharyl - #WetTShirt

Miss Wet And Wild - Lycia Sharyl - #WetTShirt

The Page 3 Triple Miss Wet And Wild Shoot in Turkey

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Yes, three of the UK’s Top Page 3 Girls along with ace glamour photographer James Watson took a trip out to Turkey for a few days…

Miss Wet And Wild - Lycia Sharyl - #WetTShirt
Lycia Sharyl

The Utterly gorgeous Lycia Sharyl, Brook Amelia Wright and Beth Morgan, otherwise known as The Page 3 Triple, strapped themselves into our brand new, official, sexy Miss Wet And Wild Bikini’s.

The well-loved and adored Page 3 trio put on and took off not just our sexy white string bikini’s but our Miss Wet And Wild T-Shirts as well. To see just one of these incredibly gorgeous girls in one of our wet and wild play-wear is a sight to behold, but yes all three donned our range of goodies for maximum impact and boy what an impact.

The photographic miracle worker and ringmaster to these three awesome girls was none other than the talented Mr James Watson

You can now buy your very own official Miss Wet And Wild T-Shirt – GET ONE!

As nice as they were, the official Miss Wet And Wild Bikini’s and T Shirts didn’t stay on for long, but long enough.

Check out Lycia’s updated page for some great Wet T Shirt shots from the shoot  – CLICK HERE!

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