The Very 1st National Wet T Shirt Day is on it’s way – 24th May 2019!

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Yes on Friday 24th May the UK will be celebrating the very 1st National Wet T Shirt Day. Girls across the England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales will be squeezing their beautiful boobage into white T shirts and getting really wet to celebrate one of this countries biggest adult pastimes.

You don’t have to be wearing an official Miss Wet And Wild – Wet T Shirt to take part, any white T shirt should be the perfect attire on the day.

Wearers are encouraged to get their T Shirt as wet as possible to the point of transparency and ensure that it follows the curves of their figure.

Here at Miss Wet And Wild, along with some fantastic social media promoters, photographers and most importantly, glamour models, we are promoting this fabulous, first celebration of what is a simple, fun and easy way to celebrate the female form without being naked.

The very concept of wet T shirt events and competitions has been around for decades, longer in fact than Topless Page 3 Girls. In the 21st Century it is liken’d to and regarded as a fetish.

As established leaders of Wet T Shirt competitions and events throughout the UK over the last 30 years, we picked up the mantle of starting and promoting the very first year of celebrations.

The glamour industry is currently battling it’s way through some rough times at the moment. These have been brought through interference by the Snowflake generation, trying to govern what the rest of the world should see, take part in and enjoy. This coupled with some half expected new internet and social media legislation, has made many contributors and content creators examine what they can and can’t do now and in the future.

Most recently we have just seen the end of topless Page 3 in the Daily Star as the week-willed policy makers at the helm of the paper decided to bow to the pressure of the snowflakes, and change their age old policy of glamour publication.

one simple fun idea.

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